Rebekah Christiansen




My name is Señora Rebekah Christiansen and I'm a graduate of Hillsdale college. I was a double major in Spanish and Art. I pursued a teaching license shortly there after through Concordia Seward for both of my majors. I have always had a close connection to the Lutheran school teachers due to the fact that both of my parents are Concordia Graduates and at various times in their lives were called teachers within the LCMS school system. I have had various teaching experiences since graduation. I have done everything from subbing in TX (regular, bilingual, and dual language programs: k-5) to teaching in a classroom or even via the internet. I've also dabbled in helping to write and edit some Spanish curriculum.

I met my husband, helpmate, and blessing from God, Pastor Christiansen during our undergraduate work, and we got married a few years after graduation. We have three children.

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate work I have been able to travel to both Spain and Mexico to experience the various dialects/versions of Spanish in their native country as well as some of their major cultural holidays such as The Day of the Dead, Holy Week, and Easter. It has been a very interesting experience studying Spanish through a Lutheran lens as well as very beneficial to my English, communication and grammar skills. 
I love the mutual learning experiences that happen through teaching and am excited to share my enjoyment of the Spanish language and culture with the middle school students at Trinity Lutheran School this academic year


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