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ECR Pre-Kindergarten


Children ages 48 months - 6 years and not yet in Kindergarten can attend just ECR Pre-Kindergarten classes from 8am-1145am at a reduced rate. Children in ECR Pre-Kindergarten classes must be potty trained.  We use the Precious Status program for communication to the parents so you can receive frequent updates of your child's activities, sleep times, food intake, check-in/out and other information. 

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The childhood years are a time of immense opportunity and growth.  Children deserve early childhood education programs that support success in school and in life. The Early Learning Success Curriculum used by Trinity is a framework for providing activities and experiences that are purposeful and intentional. Day to day we support the development of the ‘whole’ child during the ‘whole’ day because school readiness is more than just intellect and academics.

Trinity's program provides daily activities that focus on all development domains

•Parents have access to the whole years curricula plan and are encouraged to team with school at home and encourage everyday learning.

•Including activities that focus on specific subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, cognitive development, social/emotional development, as well as small and large motor skills.

•The activities support STEM and Common Core State Standards for Early Childhood Readiness.

•Meets Minnesota’s Parent Aware standards for aligned curricula as well as all QRIS criteria.

•Children also attend chapel on Wednesday mornings with all upper class students